The best samples of found objects, colors, shapes or whatever is.

  • Protect the Nature

    Protect the Nature

    by Anselmi Lupesta, 2013

  • The Invisible man

    The Invisible man

    by Ralph Mellis, 2013

  • Leftover from Duchamp

    Leftover from Duchamp

    by Pirella, 2012

  • Space Innovation

    Space Innovation

    by Labbeus Woods, 2007

  • A city family

    A city family

    by Senja Kokkola, 2011

  • Killing tree

    Killing tree

    by Daniel Hirsto, 2011

  • The invisible tree

    The invisible tree

    by Invib Dog, 2011

  • A Sad Story

    A Sad Story

    by Play collective, 2011

  • Urban totem

    Urban totem

    by Tom Hankson, 2011

  • Green Wall

    Green Wall

    by Stafano Buco, 2011

  • Alternative (im)mobility

    Alternative (im)mobility

    by UAC (United Artists Crew), 2008

  • Nature vs Urban

    Nature vs Urban

    by Tina Brooks, 2008

  • Forgotten fables

    Forgotten fables

    by Giugia Graves, 2008

  • Untitled


    by Christoh, 2008

  • Condominium for pigeons

    Condominium for pigeons

    by Tiziano Piano, 2008

  • Memories of a tetris

    Memories of a tetris

    by August Pajitnov, 2008

  • Vision of meetings without relationships of space and time

    Vision of meetings without relationships of space and time

    by Giovanni Pollo, 2008

  • The souls of the traffic-island

    The souls of the traffic-island

    by Cristiana Anselmi, 2005

  • Untitled


    by Arne Ito, 2005

  • Rain tears

    Rain tears

    by Jules Lavirotte, 2005

  • The future

    The future

    by Il’ja Gozak, 2005

  • For rights

    For rights

    by Akon Adler, 2005

  • Mobile city

    Mobile city

    by Ursula Ronèo, 2005

  • Sad man

    Sad man

    by Max Riley, 2005

  • Waiting wall

    Waiting wall

    by Gustave Etlin, 2005

  • Manifesto on the crisis

    Manifesto on the crisis

    by Mimmo Schena, 2005

  • Untitled


    by Christoh, 2004