1. A piece of blue sky
2. A piece of art

The word art is not definable: the meaning changes with time and context.

Museums and Art galleries have changed the meaning of what can be considered Art today.

If everybody could have more free time to use (and express) their creativity,
our definitions of art and artists would be completely different.

Art is not an object but a process. Like being a tourist in Venice for the first time, in love, after you had a double espresso: you might discover something beautiful.

The Imagined Museum of Contemporary Art wants to encourage people to be curious and to observe their surroundings from an alternative point of view, questioning how we perceive our city, how differently it can be experienced and the meaning of art itself:

daily things can tell you beautiful stories, if you only know how to listen and observe them.

Everyday objects or unexpected things are turned into Art, thanks to your imagination.

The Imagined Museum of Contemporary Art collects the best samples of found objects, colors, shapes or “whatever is”, both from the previous workshops and from self-discovery.

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